Yoga for Travel

Yoga for Travel

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Yoga for Travel
  • Yoga for Sleep with Casey

    If you're having a hard time winding down, turn on this 30-minute restorative class to put you into a sweet sleep.

    Class Format: Restorative
    Suggested Props: pillows or a bolster
    Sweat Level: none

  • 5 Minute Chair Yoga with Dayle

    Join Dayle for a quick practice right from your seat! This is a great practice for first thing in the morning, the middle of the work day, or anytime you need a few minutes to move your body.

    Class Format: Gentle
    Suggested Props: a chair, any chair will do!
    Sweat Level: 💦
    Pose Preview: Seated F...

  • 10 Minute Standing Flow with Dayle

    No mat, no problem! This 10-minute practice doesn’t require you to get your hands dirty or change your clothes. Experience flowing with your breath through standing postures, minus the vinyasas.

    Class Format: Gentle
    Suggested Props: none
    Pose Preview: Goddess, Warrior two, Triangle

  • 20 Minute Yin Release with Dayle

    Class Format: Yin/restorative
    Suggested Props: two blocks
    Pose Preview: lizard
    Physical Focus: hips
    Mental Focus: surrender, rest

  • 10 Minute Flow for Digestion with Amber

    In this 10 minute digestive flow, focus on the abdominal area to bring you back to center.

    Class Format: Slow Burn
    Suggested Props: 2 blocks
    Sweat Level: 💦 💦 💦

    Pose Preview: supported fish variations, seated twist, lunge variations, abdominal massage.

    Physical Focus: twisting, core and some ...

  • Airplane Chair Yoga with Casey

    Sitting in your airplane seat? Find gentle movement and release tension from sitting in this travel-focused Airplane Chair Yoga class with Casey.

    Class Format: Blend
    Suggested Props: None
    If you’d like to practice with music, check out Citizen On-Demand’s curated playlists.

  • Restorative: Prop-Free Unwind with Dayle

    Whether you're traveling, don't have access to props, or just want a simple class format, enjoy this relaxing Restorative experience. Make use of items you have nearby or go completely prop-free in Dayle’s 20-minute Restorative.

    Class Format: Restorative
    Suggested Props: No props
    Sweat Level: 💦 ...

  • Travel Anxiety Flow with Casey

    There are many things that could contribute to feeling anxious when traveling. Join Casey Health for a 25-minute flow designed to release this anxiety and enjoy your journey.

  • Slow Burn: After Travel Flow with Casey

    Casey offers a post travel practice to ground back into your body after a long journey. This class focuses on opening and activating the lower legs and the hips. Blocks are recommended.