Yoga for Right Living

Yoga for Right Living

2 Seasons

Explore the yamas and niyamas in this guided yoga series. The yamas and niyamas are the first two limbs of Ashtanga, the eight-limbed path towards self-transformation as described in Patanjali's "Yoga Sutras". Deepen your understanding of the ethical and moral foundations of yoga as you practice Patanjali's principles for engaging with the world and with yourself.

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Yoga for Right Living
  • Moderation: Vinyasa with Casey

    Episode 1

    Each yama concerns a universal moral discipline that guides us on how to act with integrity and high ethical standards. Casey’s 30-minute Vinyasa focuses on one of the most misunderstood yamas, Brahmacharya, which means moderation, non-excess, or right use of energy.

    Class Format: Vinyasa

  • Abundance: Blend with Chris

    Episode 2

    Each yama addresses a universal moral discipline that guides us on how to act with integrity and high ethical standards. Chris’ 45-minute Blend focuses on the third yama, Asteya, which means non-stealing. You'll be guided through a practice to embrace feelings of abundance to bettter recognize wh...

  • Honesty: Inversion Vinyasa Practice with Ann

    Episode 3

    Ann offers a mindful, challenging Vinyasa which centers around the Yama Satya, or truthfulness. Listening to your body and meeting yourself where you are is essential in this honest flow.

  • Letting Go: Heart Opening Vinyasa with Ann

    Episode 4

    Ann offers a challenging, fiery vinyasa flow as she continues with her Yamas/Niyamas series. The Yamas are the first limb of the 'Eight Limbs of Yoga' originating from 'The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali'. Today she discusses Aparigraha, the last Yama. It often translates to non-greed and non-attachment.

  • Non- Harming: A Balancing Blend with Ann

    Episode 5

    Join Ann Fancy in a fully guided class for all levels where you will get in touch with your breath and inner physical strength. This class focuses on breaking down postures, opening the hips and balancing with a lens of non violence. Grab a block and join in!