Therapy Talks

Therapy Talks

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Hear licensed therapists and other mental health experts share their best advice on common therapy topics. Click the dropdown to select from the following topics: Therapy Tools, Connection, Adapting to Change, Anxiety + Worry, Depression, Self-Esteem, Substance Abuse, Disordered Eating, Childhood Trauma, Managing Your Mind.

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Therapy Talks
  • Therapy Talks: Perfectionism + Imposter Syndrome

    Episode 1

    In this video, John discusses perfectionist tendencies and the feeling of imposter syndrome in many different roles we have in our lives. John offers ways to grow out of these tendencies to facilitate growth and get out of our comfort zone.

  • Therapy Talks: Welcoming Your Inner Critic

    Episode 2

    Caroline with BLND health dives into the idea of 'parts work' which explains that we are multifaceted with many different aspects of us. In times of harmony, we can feel whole, but during harder times, it can feel like certain parts of us get out of control. Caroline discusses this framework and ...

  • Therapy Talks: Self-Esteem

    Episode 3

    Jevon from BLND health speaks to boosting self confidence in an authentic, healthy way. In this short talk, Jevon provides useful tools to encourage raised self esteem through the act of gratitude.

  • Embodying Values: Discover Your Personal Values

    Episode 4

    John Evans, Director of Mental Conditioning at BLND Health, offers journal prompts and reflective exercises to help you understand the difference between values and goals, identify the values currently guiding your life, and modify behaviors not aligned with your ideal values.

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