• Kacee Must
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    Kacee Must

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    After struggling with her own mental health, coupled with the loss of her sister who took her own life, Citizen founder Kacee Must began a search for meaning. Seeking answers and purpose, Kacee packed up and went to India to spend 3 years living at a formal academy studying Vedanta philosophy. A ...

  • Jade
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    "As a student and teacher, I live for opportunities to foster peace, connection, authenticity and growth while sharing a Yoga journey with others. I’m passionate about Yoga's ability to strengthen our mental health by cultivating resilience and compassion. Stepping into the seat of a Teacher allo...

  • Casey Miller

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    Casey is a soulful guide who is passionate about inspiring intuitive, playful, and heart-centered movement. Her classes offer a creative balance of dynamic, alignment-based flow and a variety of deeply restorative meditation techniques. Casey’s goal is to provide each student with the tools to co...

  • Amber Green

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    Amber believes yoga asana helps us pay attention to our physical patterns so that we can transform the ones that are not serving us and to celebrate the ones that are lifting us up. In paying attention to the physical, we are able to move deeper to connect to our consciousness and intuition. To r...

  • Kimberly Tessmer

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    Kim is an E-RYT 200 currently pursuing her 300 RYT. A Yoga Instructor since 2015, Kim has been a certified fitness instructor since 2009. She is also a certified Thai Massage Practitioner and Barre Instructor.

    "Yoga has been a life-changing practice for me, it has given me the tools to navigat...

  • Dayle Extrell

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    Dayle was introduced to yoga while studying music and theatre at Central Michigan University. The physical practice helped with breath support and was a great way to ‘warm-up’ before a show. As an anxious actor in NYC, the yoga mat quickly became a place of refuge, while fostering self-love, comp...

  • Paul Witherspoon

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    Born and raised in England and long-time resident of Detroit, Michigan, Paul has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for over two decades and has trained under and worked with numerous prolific figures in the yoga industry, achieving his 200 hour RYT, E-RYT yoga alliance certification.

    Paul leads...

  • Ann Fancy
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    Ann Fancy

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    Ann teaches to empower and inspire. She keeps things real in the classroom — her motto is “If I show up, I expect you to show up.” Meaning, if she is here and she is present, she wants you to do the same. Ann teaches to encourage students to hone their innate strength, cultivate courage, honor th...

  • Chris Warnack

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    To me yoga should be accessible, challenging and fun, and that's the focus of my classes. Accessibility (offering modifications and props), challenging (working the whole body) and fun (life is challenging, let's have a good time together). I've been practicing since 2006 and had the pleasure to ...

  • Soojin Kim

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    After working in the corporate world, Soojin wanted to explore something that presented a new challenge — the public relations and marketing industry had created a lack of something. After exploring various yoga practices she completed a 200-hour RYT in the spring of 2013 and later traveled to In...

  • Lydia Munn

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    Lydia offers accessible yoga classes that gently challenge students to push their physical and mental boundaries. Lydia’s fundamental beliefs in alignment and technique are inspired by her formal ballet training. As a Citizen Yoga 200-hr teacher trainee and Citizen Apprentice, Lydia fell in love ...

  • Alice Lucas

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    Alice Lucas is a creative and compassionate yoga teacher, influenced by her unique background as a visual artist, dancer, and former first-grade teacher and foster mom. Alice is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher (RYT), and teaches anything from a gentle restorative class to a fast-paced vinyasa ...

  • Caitie Fey

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    Caitie started practicing yoga as a way to reduce stress and anxiety while she was working as a high school teacher. She quickly fell in love with the practice because it allowed her to cultivate a deeper, more meaningful connection to herself and to the world. She also works as a high school cou...

  • Han Dinh

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  • Amberlie Price

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    Amberlie first found yoga as an army wife stationed in Hawaii, far from her family, during her husband’s first deployment to Iraq in 2009. Yoga helped her find calm and balance in her life during a time of chaos and she immediately knew she had found her passion. Amberlie completed her 200-hour t...

  • Cindy Levine

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    Cindy Levine is a 200 E-RYT with 12 years of experience teaching yoga classes and teacher training programs. She started practicing yoga in 2003 and is inspired by yoga’s potential to make a great shift in the world toward more mindful awareness and conscious consumption. Cindy believes in the tr...

  • Linda Kay

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    I’m honored to be the “grandmother’ of most yoga teachers in the metro area. A practitioner for over 42 years and a teacher for 39 years. Influenced by: Anusara, Ashtanga, Power, Yin, Basic Hatha, Iyengar, Bikram (yes, really!), Callanetics (butt shaping isometric exercises for improved posture)...

  • Beth James

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  • Carly Cenit

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    Coming from a background of injuries, I started teacher training to understand how the poses were supposed to feel within my own body. This soon spiraled into a passion to work with people to develop a better understanding of their bodies and experiences that occur. Opening the lines of communica...

  • Kayla Spray

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    Kayla began practicing yoga during her time at Wayne State University while completing her philosophy degree. Initially yoga was a means of overcoming anxiety and tendonitis. Once she recognized the immense healing that her practice provided she decided to complete her 200 RYT in order to share t...

  • Jamie Oldfield

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