Seasonal Practice

Seasonal Practice

4 Seasons

Adjust your practice to move in synchronicity with the seasons.

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Seasonal Practice
  • Blend for Autumn with Soojin

    Episode 1

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Autumn/Fall is associated with Metal, the color white, the lungs and large intestine, and Vata dosha. Explore what it means to live in accordance with the energetic properties of Autumn in this grounding 45-minute class with Soojin. Pregnant students can modify an...

  • Elemental Yoga: Air Flow

    Episode 2

    In her Elemental Yoga series, Casey helps you embody balance through the five elements according to an Ayurvedic lens. Each class in this series includes a specific breathwork technique, a mudra, and a yoga flow for the specific element. We recommend taking this class starting with Earth, going t...

  • Blend: The Lung Meridian with Kacee

    Episode 3

    Cultivating patience in practice, this grounded blend activates the lung meridian, strengthens the core, and opens the hips and the heart.

    Props Needed: 1 block and a strap