Strength + HIIT

Strength + HIIT

RBL Fitness has partnered with Citizen Yoga to bring you on-demand HIIT workouts. Meet Melissa, founder of RBL Fitness, the REBEL workout and REBEL Remote. Melissa's workouts are fast, effective and will send you off on your day with clarity and power.

RBL's mission is to help their community discover the medicine of movement! Melissa Levy has devoted her life to the belief that your workouts can always be challenging but above all else, they must be fun! At RBL they play hard and we sweat harder! Melissa is a mom of twins, she knows how hard it is to carve out time for ourselves, especially our workouts.

The videos in this collection are guaranteed to work up a sweat no matter how busy your day is!

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Strength + HIIT
  • Lower Body Workout with Melissa

    Melissa from RBL Remote brings a glute burning HIIT interval workout for you today! You'll need a resistance band and two weights of your choice. Melissa starts with a warm up and leads into a 30 minute workout.

  • Upper Body + HIIT with Melissa

    Melissa guides an upper body focused HIIT workout today with 11 total moves that build upon each other. Melissa also incorporates lower body to create a balanced routine. You'll want to grab your preferred weights or substitutes.

  • Full Body Blast with Melissa

    Melissa is back with another 30 minute intense full body HIIT workout! This workout contains longer intervals and you'll need two weights of your choice. Melissa does a warm up and leads into 3 sections of interval workouts.

  • 20 Minute Full Body Strength with Melissa

    RBL Remote's Melissa brings us a 20 minute full body strength workout to push your edge. Melissa offers a warm up and several different interval workouts. You'll need 2 weights of your choice. Get ready to sweat!

  • HIIT + Core with Melissa

    Melissa from RBL Remote is back with a 25 minute interval HIIT full body workout with emphasis on core. You will need one resistance band and one weight of your choice.