Postpartum Foundations: Part 1

Postpartum Foundations: Part 1

Postpartum Foundations is thoughtfully designed to care for your mind, body, and soul. You will find support all in one place, giving you the tools and resources to thrive in motherhood.

Part 1 of this series includes:

Four movement sessions with our trainer Diana Haggerty, mother of four, focused on healing from pregnancy and birth, releasing the tension that comes with motherhood, and connecting to your strength. Each video session is 15-30 minutes.

Two guided meditations on feminine strength, the beginner’s mind, overcoming expectations and guilt, and getting to the core root of your needs as a mother. Jill Birt, nurse, yogi, and mother of three begins each 10-15 minute session with a meaningful conversation followed by breathwork and relaxation to calm your mind and let go of heavy feelings.

Bonus: 30-Minute Calm Yoga Flow to release heavy energy and invite light in with Jill Birt.

Lifetime access so that you can come back to these supportive and healing sessions and resources as you need

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Postpartum Foundations: Part 1