Pre + Postnatal

Pre + Postnatal

While students certainly don't need to "give up" their yoga practice during pregnancy, dedicated Prenatal classes are designed to help you navigate the many physical and mental changes you're experiencing. The goal of Citizen's Prenatal is to equip each student with the physical capabilities, conscious breathing techniques, confidence, and self-trust for their ideal childbirth experience. You'll learn safe modifications for each trimester while creating a deeper, more compassionate connection with your body.

Postnatal classes aim to help new parents rebuild their yoga practice in a way that creates a healthy postpartum body and a peaceful mind. These healing experiences are an opportunity to bring awareness and movement into your body while you recover from childbirth. Not sure whether you're ready to start practicing again? Most women wait to begin any sort of flowing movement until after they're cleared by a doctor, though you may crave gentle upper body stretches, restorative postures, and stress-relieving pranayama techniques before then. Check in with your body before any practice, and consult with your doctor if you have any concerns.

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Pre + Postnatal
  • Prenatal: Supportive Standing Series at the Wall with Kacee

    This 20-minute Prenatal class uses the wall as a supportive prop as you transition between standing postures. As always, please consult with your doctor before practicing yoga.

    Class Format: Pre + Postnatal
    Suggested Props: 1 wall, 2 blocks
    Sweat Level: 💦 💦 __ __

  • Prenatal: Releasing SI Joint Pain with Kacee

    Relieving SI Joint Pain/Stability and strength

  • Prenatal: Managing Acid Reflux with Kacee

    This 32-minute Prenatal class with Kacee is for anyone struggling with acid reflux and indigestion at any point in your pregnancy journey. The beginning portion of class is more restorative and increases in activity as class progresses. As always, please consult with your doctor before practicing...

  • Prenatal: Preventing Coning with Kacee

    Coning is when the center connective tissue of the abdomen protrudes outwards beyond the rest of the abdominal wall. It's normal for the abdominal muscles to separate and make room for your growing belly, but steps can be taken to minimize the amount of coning or diastasis recti during pregnancy....

  • Prenatal: Modified Vinyasa with Kacee

    Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you can't enjoy your favorite Vinyasa-style yoga class. Learn how to safely modify your Vinyasa practice in Kacee's 42-minute Prenatal. As always, please consult with your doctor before practicing yoga.

    Class Format: Pre + Postnatal
    Suggested Props: 2 b...

  • Prenatal: Glute Strength + Stability with Kacee

    Join Kacee for a 2nd Trimester-focused class designed to build strength and stability in the lower body.

    Class Format: Pre + Postnatal
    Suggested Props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket, 1 strap, 1 resistance band (optional)
    Sweat Level: 💦💦💦 __
    Pose Preview: Virasana (Hero's), Padangusthasana (Big Toe), Sun...

  • Prenatal: Alleviating Breast Tenderness with Kacee

    This 40-minute Prenatal class is designed to alleviate breast tenderness through poses aligned with the liver meridian's pressure points. The liver energy line is responsible for regulating hormones

    Class Format: Pre + Postnatal
    Suggested Props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket
    Sweat Level: 💦 💦__ __
    Pose Pr...

  • Prenatal: Easing Morning Sickness with Kacee

    Join Kacee for the first class in her new Practicing Though Pregnancy yoga series. This grounding 1st Trimester flow features gentle movements designed to ease morning sickness and restore energy levels.

    Class Format: Pre + Postnatal
    Suggested Props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket, 1 strap
    Sweat Level: 💦 ...

  • Prenatal + Postpartum Flow with Dayle

    Dayle is back with another express flow for pregnant individuals or those who are postpartum. Dayle focuses on opening the heart and the shoulders while gently awakening the pelvic floor muscles. You'll need two blocks.

  • Postpartum Flow with Dayle

    Dayle offers a quick flow which is great for postpartum women or anyone looking to squeeze some movement into their day. This flow focuses on strengthening the core + the upper body while opening and expanding the hips and the quadriceps. Two blocks and a blanket are optional.

  • Prenatal: Embodying the Goddess with Dayle

    Dayle works through a practice tailored towards working with divine feminine energy. This flow is especially geared towards those who are pregnant or those who are postpartum. In this 30 minute flow, you will gently open the hips while expanding and strengthening the lower body. Grab two blocks t...

  • Prenatal: Energizing Flow with Dayle

    Join Dayle in this guided prenatal flow. Safe for new mommas introducing postnatal practices back into their daily routine. If you have a few blocks at home, grab them for some added support.

  • Prenatal: Find Peace with Dayle

    A great flow if you are wanting to take things a little easier in your practice. Great for right before bed.

  • Postnatal: Mom + Baby Flow with Dayle

    Postnatal practice. This is for women that have been approved by their doctor for exercise. If you are looking to also practice with your new baby!