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Watch this video and more on Citizen On-Demand

Vinyasa: 80s HIIT with Paul

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  • Vinyasa: 90s HIIT + Yoga with Paul

    Move stagnant energy and build stamina in Paul Witherspoon’s 20-minute 90s HIIT + Vinyasa.

    Class Format: Vinyasa
    Suggested Props: Tennis Shoes
    Sweat Level: πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
    Mental Focus: Progress over perfection


  • Yoga for Athletes: Foam Rolling the U...

    Learn foam rolling techniques for self-myofascial release to relieve muscle tightness and increase your range of motion in Dayle’s 10-minute upper body-focused Mobility + Recovery class.

    Class Format: Mobility + Recovery
    Suggested Props: 1 foam roller
    Sweat Level: __ __ __ __
    Physical Focus: Upp...

  • Pose Breakdown: Closed Pelvis Poses

    Learn about the distinction between closed (squared) and open pelvis poses, as well as how to transition safely between poses to protect the pelvis and associated joints and muscles.

    Class Format: Pose Breakdown
    Suggested Props: N/A
    Sweat Level: __ __ __ __
    Pose Preview: Runner's Lunge, Crescen...