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Watch this video and more on Citizen On-Demand

10 Minute Hamstring Strength with Amber

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    In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Metal element represents structure and is associated with the lungs and large intestine. In it's balanced expression, Metal is also flexible and malleable. Alice's 20-minute restorative class will help you soften and balance Chi through breath-work, long-hol...

  • Air Flow with Dayle

    Through the lens of aryuveda and Chinese medicine, this series will deepen your understanding and connection to the elements with mudra, pranayama and asana. This Air/Ether class with Dayle will promote stability and focus with unique transitions through a series of familiar balancing postures an...

  • 20 Minute Splits Variations with Meli...

    Looking to advance your splits practice? Curious to try? This 20-minute flow will open the body and prepare you for splits with a quad opener variation.

    Class Format: Slow Flow
    Suggested Props: 2 blocks
    Sweat Level: 💦 💦 💦 💦
    Pose Preview: Kneeling Crescent, Standing Splits, Prayer Twist