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  • Home Practice with Kacee

    Kacee invites you to join her for home practice, a new series where you will learn how to build a self-reflective asana practice designed to encourage introspection.

    Suggested props: blanket, yoga block, yoga strap
    Class format: home practice/slow burn
    Mental focus: center + refresh
    Physical fo...

  • 30 Minute Slow Burn for Self Study with Dayle

    Each niyama concerns the spiritual observances to experience self-harmony. Dayle’s 30-minute Slow Burn focuses on Svadhyaya, which translates to self-study or the concept of observing your thoughts and emotions.

    Class Format: Slow Burn
    Suggested Props: 2 blocks, a blanket and a strap
    Mental Foc...

  • 15 Minutes to Relieve Neck + Shoulder Tension

    Spend 15-minutes with Amber to find relief of any tension held in the upper body. An excellent practice for the middle of the work day!

    Suggested Props: blanket, strap, 2 blocks
    Sweat Level: 💦💦 __ __
    Physical Focus: Neck + shoulders

  • Yoga + Strength: 5-Minute Core with Ann

    Ann offers a functional core workout to activate and elongate the abdominals and the back body. These exercises will help you in your yoga practice. You will need two blocks.