Off the Mat

Off the Mat

As part of Citizen Yoga’s mission to prevent suicide through mental health awareness, Citizen On-Demand features a breadth of tools and resources to support your mental well-being on and off the mat.

Off the Mat
  • Meditation + Pranayama

    41 items

    Complement your asana practice with techniques for stimulating and soothing to alleviate stress and move energy. These videos are designed to be listened to at any point in your day to bring you back to a space of relaxation and ease.

  • Therapy Talks

    10 seasons

    Hear licensed therapists and other mental health experts share their best advice on common therapy topics. Click the dropdown to select from the following topics: Therapy Tools, Connection, Adapting to Change, Anxiety + Worry, Depression, Self-Esteem, Substance Abuse, Disordered Eating, Childhood...

  • Yoga Philosophy

    90 items

    Philosophy is one of the cornerstone offerings at Citizen Yoga. Our in-depth understanding of philosophy truly sets Citizen apart in the industry. In each class, we discuss philosophy that ranges from Vedanta, topic lectures, student questions, and other traditional yoga philosophy texts.


  • Yoga Education

    18 items

    Dive deeper into yoga’s historical roots while also exploring varied applications of yoga philosophy, theory, and technique.