Luke Sasek

Luke Sasek

Luke has a "no-frills" approach to yoga. He believes that what you focus on expands and is fascinated by the intersection of where modern-day science meets with what the yoga traditions teach about breath, body, and consciousness. His offerings are light-hearted, informative, challenging, and fun.

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Luke Sasek
  • Pranayama: Viloma with Luke

    Viloma pranayama is a 3-part breath that goes against the natural rhythm of our breath to calm nerves and introduce a sense of lightness. Follow along as Luke teaches guide you through a Viloma pranayama practice for managing change and transitions.

    Class Format: Meditation + Pranayama

  • Pranayama: Box Breath with Luke

    Box breath, or Sama Vrtti pranayama, is a simple and calming breathing technique you can practice any time you need to calm your nerves. Follow along as Luke teaches you how to re-center with this measured breath.

    Class Format: Meditation + Pranayama
    Suggested Props: 1 bolster or pillow
    Sweat Le...

  • Pranayama: Alternate Nostril Breathing with Luke

    Alternate nostril breathing, or nadi shodhana pranayama, is a simple breathing technique that cleanses energy channels (nadis) throughout the body. Follow along as Luke teaches you how to bring balance into your body by breathing through one nostril at a time.

    Class Format: Meditation + Pranayam...

  • Slow Burn: Practice for Emotional Stability with Luke

    A handful of poses are held for a prolonged period of time in an effort to balance energy between the head and the heart. This class features supportive, grounding postures meant to build congruity between breath, body, and mind.

    Props Needed: a block, bolster, 2-3 blankets, chair

  • Slow Burn: Shoulder Opening + Mobility with Luke

    Open the shoulders with a sequence designed to increase mobility. Learn how to use gravity and the support of the wall to safely and effectively extend the range of motion in your upper back and shoulders over time.

    Props Needed: 1 block, blanket, and a wall

  • Slow Burn: Hip Release + Twists with Luke

    This series helps stretch and lengthen the psoas muscles as well as increase hip movement and function. Engage and mobilize your spine, priming it to move in all directions as you open your hips and deeply twist.

    Props Needed: 1 block and a blanket

  • Slow Burn: Open Your Heart on the Wall with Luke

    Build up to a backbending practice at the wall that is both challenging and supportive. Expand and extend through the spine to feel your aliveness and breath coursing through your body.

    Props Needed: 2 blocks, blanket, and a wall

  • Slow Burn: Lengthen + Open your Quadriceps with Luke

    This sequence focuses on making space for stretching out the quadriceps. You'll feel a deep sensation of opening and lengthening in the front of the thighs and learn how to confidently find a healthy edge in each pose.

    Props Needed: 1 block and a blanket