"As a student and teacher, I live for opportunities to foster peace, connection, authenticity and growth while sharing a Yoga journey with others. I’m passionate about Yoga's ability to strengthen our mental health by cultivating resilience and compassion. Stepping into the seat of a Teacher allows me to support my community as we each strive to align our day-to-day lifestyle with our holistic well-being."

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  • Juneteenth Meditation by Jade Berkeley

    Relax and reflect with Citizen teacher, Jade Berkeley for a 15-minute letting go meditation. As you become aware of your breathing patterns, she'll invite you to release anything that is preventing you from being your positive, joyful and full self. We hope this meditation bring peace to your min...

  • Meditation: Cultivating Gratitude with Jade

  • 10 minute Quad Strength with Jade

    Build strength, improve your balance and work up a sweat with this 10 minute quad strengthening sequence.

    Class Format: Mobility + Strength
    Suggested Props: None
    Sweat Level: 💦 💦 💦
    Pose Preview: Warrior 3, Extended one foot pose + squat lunge
    Physical Focus: Quads + hamstrings
    Mental Focus: Re...

  • 10 Minute Quad Stretch with Jade

    Desk job, run club or cycling have you feeling stiff? Take 10 minutes to find balance and open up those major muscle groups that carry you through.

    Class Format: Mobility + Strength
    Suggested Props: A strap + 2 blocks
    Sweat Level: 💦 💦 💦
    Pose Preview: Kneeling Cresent Lunge, Half frog + twisted m...

  • Flow for Clarity with Jade

    In relation to the human body, the Third Eye Chakra or the Ajna Chakra is related to the pituitary gland and the pineal gland that produce hormones and govern the functioning of various other glands in the body. Jade’s 20 minute Third Eye Flow focuses on encouraging proper alignment of the neck a...