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Watch this video and more on Citizen On-Demand

Blend: Spring Flow with Casey

Hips + Glutes • 34m

Up Next in Hips + Glutes

  • Back to Basics: 14-Minute Hips + Hams...

    Continue Carly's Basics Series with her fifteen-minute hips and hamstrings series. Highly recommend you take her twelve-minute grounded spinal and core strengthener class first. This class is perfect for beginners or those looking to increase mobility.

    Class Format: Basics, Fully Guided

  • Pre Recorded Live YinYasa with Kacee

    This recorded Zoom class from 12/14/21 is the perfect way to manage mental or physical fatigue. You'll spend the majority of class on your back with a focus of strengthening the glutes and core.

  • The Chakra Series: Sacral Flow

    Explore the 2nd energy center of the body, Svadhisthana, in Dayle's 29-minute Blend focused on pleasure, well-being, abundance, and health. The flow also incorporates the fluid motion of the water element to unleash your inner creativity.

    Class Format: Blend
    Suggested Props: 2 blocks, 1 strap