Yoga Series

Yoga Series

Guided series combine physical and mental practices for overall well-being.

Yoga Series
  • Stretch + Strengthen

    13 items

    These ten-minute videos are curated to what your body needs at the moment.

  • Yoga for Every Mood

    7 items

  • Yoga for Travel

    9 items

  • Peak Pose Series

    15 items

    This series contains videos for all levels. Start with the 10-minute drill classes and work your way through the peak posees you want to learn.

  • Good Morning Series

    6 items

  • Yoga for Right Living

    2 seasons

    Explore the yamas and niyamas in this guided yoga series. The yamas and niyamas are the first two limbs of Ashtanga, the eight-limbed path towards self-transformation as described in Patanjali's "Yoga Sutras". Deepen your understanding of the ethical and moral foundations of yoga as you practice ...

  • The Chakra Series

    19 items

    Travel through the 7 chakras as you deepen your knowledge of each chakra’s energetic properties, learn techniques for balancing each energy center, and practice chakra-focused yoga classes to bring your body, mind, and spirit into greater alignment.

  • Yoga for Athletes

    10 items

  • Beginner Series

    13 items

    In this series you will find a mix of 5-minute pose breakdown videos for common poses you'll see in a most yoga classes. The classes will help open the hips, hamstrings, and strengthen core while opening all areas in the body that can cause back, neck, and shoulder pain. This series is perfect fo...

  • Seasonal Practice

    4 seasons

    Adjust your practice to move in synchronicity with the seasons.

  • Elemental Yoga

    10 items

  • Beat The Blues: 7 Day Yoga Challenge

    7 items

    Our Beat the Blues Yoga Challenge's purpose is to help you build a yoga routine + feel connection during the cold winter months when it’s easy to feel disconnected + isolated.
    Our mission at Citizen Yoga is to improve mental health and prevent suicide through personal growth + transformation.

  • You Matter Challenge

    1 season

    Citizen Yoga's mission is to improve mental health and prevent suicide through personal growth and transformation. Every year, we host a 14-day yoga challenge called You Matter to help you connect and prioritize your mental health during the holiday season.

  • Embodying Values

    9 items

    Uncover your personal values and explore what it means to align your actions with values on and off your mat.

  • Practicing Through Pregnancy

    13 items

    You will find videos for all stages of pregnancy. Please consult your doctor before performing any physical practice.

  • 7-Day Handstand Challenge

    7 seasons

    Handstands are playful and empowering! Learning this balancing act requires strength and flexibility, but also knowledge about what is happening when the body is upside-down. Join Alice for a fun and informative 7-day yoga challenge exploring the subtleties of alignment and muscle engagement in h...

  • Rest + Renew

    19 items

  • Wellness Starts With We

    18 seasons

    From August 1-18, 2021, you'll find a recommended class and journal prompt or challenge. Commit to your practice by taking 18 classes in 18 days for the chance to win a Manduka mat and towel.

  • 7-Day Core Challenge

    7 items

    Strengthen the core abdominal muscles in this 7-day guided challenge.

  • Yoga Foundations

    14 items

  • Strength + HIIT

    5 items

    RBL Fitness has partnered with Citizen Yoga to bring you on-demand HIIT workouts. Meet Melissa, founder of RBL Fitness, the REBEL workout and REBEL Remote. Melissa's workouts are fast, effective and will send you off on your day with clarity and power.

    RBL's mission is to help their community d...

  • Journey to Empowerment

    15 seasons