Class Format

Class Format

Class formats vary based on pace/sweat level, fully guided or flow on your own sequences, prop usage, and physical or mental focus. A well-rounded yoga practice balances classes that require effort with classes that require ease. Consider stacking classes back-to-back to build your perfect practice.

Class Format
  • Pre-Recorded Studio Class

    50 items

    These classes are all 60 minutes, recorded live in-studio to provide you with a community experience.

  • Vinyasa
    50 items


    50 items

    Our fastest paced class, Vinyasa links 1 breath per movement with challenging postures, creative transitions, and opportunities to flow through sequences on your own. Vinyasa builds heat, endurance, and strength as you intentionally steady the physical challenges of the practice with Ujjayi breat...

  • Blend
    73 items


    73 items

    Ideal for practitioners with some yoga experience, Blend combines the flow of Vinyasa with the holds of Slow Burn. A well-rounded class designed to target all major muscle groups and spinal movements, Blend offers opportunities to build strength through balancing postures and inversions, while al...

  • Slow Burn
    37 items

    Slow Burn

    37 items

    Slow Burn dispels the myth that slower is easier. Expect powerful standing poses woven together with intentional transitions in this fully guided yoga experience. Whereas the pace of Vinyasa makes it physically demanding, Slow Burn offers a mental challenge as you work to stay present with your b...

  • Citizen Standard

    8 items

    Accessible and educational for beginners and seasoned practitioners, Citizen Standard is a foundations class for building and refining a sustainable yoga practice. As you move through this fully guided yoga experience, you can expect to learn pose names in Sanskrit and English, refine your physic...

  • Restorative

    26 items

    Restorative classes aim to support the body in releasing tension through long holds of grounded postures, props, meditation, and breathwork (pranayama). This gentle and calming practice is ideal for the evening hours as you prepare the body and mind for deep rest.

  • Yoga + Strength

    24 items

    Combine flow with strength training movements for a high-intensity yoga experience that incorporates light dumbbells, resistance bands, and bodyweight.
    Like all Citizen class formats, Yoga + Strength weaves postures and yogic breath together during the traditional portion of class before students...

  • Pre + Postnatal

    18 items

    While students certainly don't need to "give up" their yoga practice during pregnancy, dedicated Prenatal classes are designed to help you navigate the many physical and mental changes you're experiencing. The goal of Citizen's Prenatal is to equip each student with the physical capabilities, con...

  • Basics
    9 items


    9 items

    The class is designed for beginners and students of all levels with or without specific injuries. These classes will help open the hips, hamstrings, and strengthen core while releasing tension in areas in the body that can cause back, neck, and shoulder pain.

  • At the Wall

    30 items

    The wall is an incredible prop. All these classes are differently paced, but each class in this collection creatively use the wall as a prop. Set yourself up with the short edge of your mat against a wall.