Citizen Standard

Citizen Standard

Accessible and educational for beginners and seasoned practitioners, Citizen Standard is a foundations class for building and refining a sustainable yoga practice. As you move through this fully guided yoga experience, you can expect to learn pose names in Sanskrit and English, refine your physical alignment (foot placement, pelvis orientation, rotation of the limbs, etc.), and deepen the connection between body, breath, and mind. Each Citizen Standard class works towards a specific pivotal pose that challenges your strength, flexibility, and focus.

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Citizen Standard
  • Citizen Standard Express with Lydia

    Lydia guides the class through foundational sun salutations and a short standing flow before grounding the class for counter poses! Two blocks will be helpful here, but not totally necessary.

  • Citizen Standard: Tripod Headstand with Kacee

    A Citizen Standard is designed for both students newer to Citizen Yoga and students looking for clarity on the basics of alignment e.g. foot placement. Kacee will take you through the building blocks of a well-rounded practice, ending with Headstand 2 with modifications.

    Recommended Playlist: Cl...

  • Citizen Standard: Crow Pose with Amberlie

    Explore crow pose using a block. This class is designed for all levels of practitioners focusing on building confidence with crow pose as well as some crow pose transitions. Fine tune your crow pose practice and have have fun with poses balanced on your hands.

    Props Needed: 1 Block


  • Citizen Standard: Building to Bridge with Brittney

    Take a challenge but moderately paced class designed to teach both experienced and less experiences yogis the basics of alignment. The sequence of class leads you to a clearer understanding experience of backbends.