Carly Cenit

Carly Cenit

Coming from a background of injuries, I started teacher training to understand how the poses were supposed to feel within my own body. This soon spiraled into a passion to work with people to develop a better understanding of their bodies and experiences that occur. Opening the lines of communication with the body and being accepting with everything that surfaces. Citizen Yoga has always been a place to go to and unwind, connect with others, yet have my own space to hit the reset button.

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Carly Cenit
  • Basics: Back Health on the Wall with Carly

    A quick video to assist with opening hips and hamstrings while releasing tension in low back with legs up the wall. Blocks and straps are always encouraged however, not required.

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  • Basics: Back Health with Carly

    A modified version of our full basics class with a focus on alignment, balance, flexibility and strength. Blocks and straps are always encouraged however, not required.

    Check out our In-Studio and Live Zoom classes

    Recommended Playlist Click Here

  • Pose Breakdown: Mountain Pose with Carly

    Assists students in strengthening their body awareness. Students will feel grounded and fully engaged.

  • Pose Breakdown: Downward Dog with Carly

    Assists students in learning weight disruption and alignment while in downward dog. Students will also see a few different options for getting to the top of your mat.