60 minutes

60 minutes

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60 minutes
  • Blend: Working the Pericardium Line with Kacee

    The Pericardium Line, in Chinese Medicine starts at the tip of the middle finger, runs up the inner line of the arm up and ends at the chest. Class will focus on the shoulders, wrists and yes, even your pinky fingers!

    Props Needed: 2 blocks + a strap

  • Blend: Managing Depression with Kacee

    This grounding class supports depression management and focuses on opening the chest, shoulders and lower body. Honor your mind and energy body as you embrace this therapeutic and centering practice.

    Props Needed: 2 blocks and a blanket

  • Blend: Manduka x Citizen with Kacee

    In a partnership with Manduka, Kacee teaches a class to yoga students around the world. This is a great introduction into Citizen’s mission of suicide prevention and our alignment-based yoga + philosophy. The first 15 minutes of class will create space in your body. The rest of class will get you...

  • Blend: The Lung Meridian with Kacee

    Cultivating patience in practice, this grounded blend activates the lung meridian, strengthens the core, and opens the hips and the heart.

    Props Needed: 1 block and a strap

  • Blend: Drawing Inward

    Criss-Cross Applesauce. Lots of Twisting, hamstring opening and crossing the center line of the body in this blend class. Expect to get deep into your IT bands and hips with gomukasana, cow faced pose.

  • Blend: Embodying the Lotus with Kacee

    Dig into your hips. This class will offer many modifications and opportunities to step into the intensity of a hip stretch. Class is prepping you for lotus pose while in headstand, sirsasana 1.

    Props Needed: strap

  • Blend: Revolved Bow Pose with Kacee

    Experience your edge in this class that moves you towards revolved bow pose. This class will test your balance, core and create space for belly down backbends.

    Props Needed: 2 blocks, a strap and a bolster.

  • Blend: The Crown Chakra

    Class will focus on Sahasrara, the crown chakra, the Thousand Petal Lotus. This chakra is about higher vision and sight, where you are trying to see something that's really profound for who you are.

    Props Needed: 1 block

  • Blend: Twists, Inversions + Philosophy with Kacee

    The video starts with 45 minutes of philosophy focusing on the idea of void. What do we fear when we lose things? The physical practice focuses on twists and inversions.

    Props Needed: 2 blocks, a strap and a blanket

  • Blend: Back of the Body with Kacee

    These blend classes are recorded from our Citizen [live] schedule.
    ** please be aware this video starts with students in cat/cow**

    This class focuses on the back body and kidneys.

    Props Needed: 2 blocks, a strap and a blanket

  • Blend: Center of Self with Kacee

    Tune out to the world, tune into your senses and pull them in.

    Props Needed: 2 blocks, a strap and a blanket.

  • Blend: Reframing What We Take Personally with Kacee

    These blend classes are recorded from our Citizen [live] schedule. This class dives into what it looks like to re-frame yourself and your practice from the personal to the spiritual sense.

    Props: 2 blocks, a strap and a blanket

  • Slow Burn: Immunity Practice with Kacee

    Get upside down with this immunity strengthening sequence. With the support of a wall, this inversion based practice will work the meridians of the lung + large intestine, both integral in supporting the overall health and immunity.

    Props Needed: 2 blocks and a blanket

  • Blend: Move + Transform with Kacee

    Join Kacee and Linda for a supportive and grounding class to help move stagnant energy in the body. Kacee will lead you through foundational postures and hip openers while focusing on your breath.

  • Blend + Wall Class with Kacee

  • Yoga + Strength: Twists with Linda

    You'll need blanket and a pair of blocks for this 45 minute practice exploring twisting.

  • Blend: Full Body Flow with Ann

    Connect to the heart of your practice in this Blend with Ann. Start with a series of traditional Sun As and Bs and move into a full scale practice that works the whole body. End your practice with hip opening + gentle forward and backbends.

  • Citizen Standard: Building to Bridge with Brittney

    Take a challenge but moderately paced class designed to teach both experienced and less experiences yogis the basics of alignment. The sequence of class leads you to a clearer understanding experience of backbends.