Yoga Foundations

Yoga Foundations

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Yoga Foundations
  • 15 Minute Quick Heat with Kacee

    Kacee leads a heat building + educational flow that will revolutionize your downward facing dog pose. You'll move through a range of shapes to get warm quickly, learn about the hip crease, and feel the benefits of a complete practice.

    Suggested props: blanket, one block
    Physical focus: downward ...

  • Pose Breakdown: Warrior I with Ann

    Ann breaks down the alignment in the foundational pose Warrior I and its modification, Crescent Warrior.

  • Pose Breakdown: Warrior II with Ann

    Ann breaks down another foundational pose as she explains the fundamentals of Warrior II for different body types.

  • Citizen Standard Express with Lydia

    Lydia guides the class through foundational sun salutations and a short standing flow before grounding the class for counter poses! Two blocks will be helpful here, but not totally necessary.

  • Pose Breakdown: Down Dog with Ann

    Join this tutorial to learn proper alignment for your body in downward facing dog. Regardless if you are hyper mobile or on the tighter side, Ann will provide guidance to help improve your practice!

  • Pose Breakdown: Chaturanga with Ann

    In this video, you will learn the common mistakes of chaturanga (the "yoga pushup") and how to avoid them! Ann will also guide you through strength building exercises for all levels to improve your chaturanga.

  • Chair Yoga with Dayle Extrell

    This short 10 minute sequence uses a chair and wall to stretch your shoulders, legs, and back. You’ll leave feeling refreshed in the middle of the workday or after sitting for a long time.

  • Basics of Philosophy

  • Pose Breakdown: Mountain Pose with Carly

    Assists students in strengthening their body awareness. Students will feel grounded and fully engaged.

  • Pose Breakdown: Downward Dog with Carly

    Assists students in learning weight disruption and alignment while in downward dog. Students will also see a few different options for getting to the top of your mat.

  • Slow Burn: Low Back Release Part I with Casey

    Casey focuses on strengthening the hamstrings, quadriceps, and core to target compression in the low back. You'll need a blanket.

  • Slow Burn: Low Back Release Part II with Casey

    In part two of this series, Casey focuses on lengthening the quadriceps and hip flexors to combat tightness in the low back. You'll need blocks, a blanket, and a strap.

  • Back to Basics: Spine Health with Carly

    A shortened back-to-basics class with a focus on alignment, balance, flexibility and strength.

  • Philosophy Foundations: Body, Mind, + Intellect with Kacee

    Kacee goes over the basics of philosophy and how to approach your spiritual study in this philosophy course.