7-Day Handstand Challenge

7-Day Handstand Challenge

7 Seasons

Handstands are playful and empowering! Learning this balancing act requires strength and flexibility, but also knowledge about what is happening when the body is upside-down. Join Alice for a fun and informative 7-day yoga challenge exploring the subtleties of alignment and muscle engagement in handstand.  

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7-Day Handstand Challenge
  • Pose Breakdown: Handstand Arm Engagement with Alice

    Episode 1

    Take 10 minutes a day to begin and/or strength your handstand practice. On Day 1 of this 7-day yoga challenge, Alice introduces strengthening and mobility practices focused on the palms, wrists, and finger mounds.

    Class Format: Pose Breakdown
    Suggested Props: 1 block
    Sweat Level: 💦💦 __ __
    Pose P...